Breeding strategies


Generaly speaking, breeding strategy and genetics are the main differences between us and conventional breeders. At first we have to know what is the goal of our work. This goal for some breeders could be preservation of their sheep to the old type of Romanov sheep who we knows from Russia. Our goal is absolutely different. We do not want preservation, we want development and improving! Improving is the goal and our breeding strategy is the way. We want improving with maximum speed. We want to have ever new generation  better then previous.

We believe that most breeders prefer improving of their flocks  instead of preservation. Yes, there are some breeders who breed Romanov sheep as hobby, but biggest group of breeders use this breed as a source of their income. They do not want old fashioned genetic reserve breed. They need healthy, trouble free and efficient breed. Our Romanovs are source of genes for this kind of breeders.

If you would like to have genetic progress, you have to respect some breeding rules. Without that help you short generation interval, working with inbreeding, insemination and wide available genetic variation.