Nobody can be sure about future, but we believe that Romanov sheep is the breed with very bright future. International interest is still growing. There is still space for development of this breed especially in countries with production of light lambs. Next huge utilization of this breed of future we can see as a great maternal breed. Breeders will be under bigger and bigger price pressure and Romanov breed  can help to solve this problem with his ability to produce cheap lambs after crossing with meat breeds.  Growing demand  for Romanov genetics could be risky concerning using of lower quality animals as a result of lower selection pressure. We expect that some breeders could be disappointed because of results after using such kind of genetic material. Winners will be breeders who will respect genetic rules and will use only above average quality of parrents. We work strongly on improvement direction. We do not wont only multiply our Romanovs, but we want to breed and improve them. High quality animals is our goal, our trademark and our future.