Our veterinary status

We  are under strict veterinary supervision and fulfill all EU requirements for export. Our animals are every year tested for Brucella melitensis, Meadi-visna and rams for Brucella ovis. We are free of these diseases and it is true throughout the complete history of our breeding.

Our herds have negligible risk status for classical scrapie in accordance EU rules, so we can export our breeding  animals everywhere in Europe. All of our breeding animals are tested for prion protein (PrP) genotype.

Our herds are regularly monitored under the monitoring of bluetongue (Bluetongue) in accordance with Annex I of Commission Regulation 1266/2007 (EC) on implementing rules for Council Directive 2000/75 / EC.

We are able to provide many other laboratory tests, according to the health requirements of the country buyers. For example, Q-Fever, Bluetongue, and more.