Breeding values

We want to generate offspring that are better than their average parents.  The tool for that is selection of best animals who will be used for breeding of the next generation of offspring. The biggest question  is to identify which animals to pick. They should be selected based on genetic merit rather than on observed performance/traits. Breeding values are adjusted from environmental efects. Breeding values are best available benchmarks for comparing of animals, because they are able to explain  an individual’s genotypic value.  Parents are available to transmit to their offsprings only genes and no environmental conditions.

Czech Republic has a system  for calculation of breeding values. Concerning Romanov sheep there are calculations of breeding values for direct weight at 100 days (H100), maternal efect for weight at 100 days, fertility and depth of muscle and fat.  Breeding value for direct (paternal) weight at 100 days, maternal weight at 100 days and fertility are used for calculation of total index CPH. CPH (total breeding value) is together with total type mark used for calculation of total class (ER, E, I or II). Mark for total class you can find in the official pedigree, Breeding values are calculated several times in a year, so the are still change.

Conclusion: Breeding values are best tool for estimation of  genetic merit of our animals for ability to growth and be fertile.