Avoid of Inbreeding is the most important reason for to buy new ram for most breeders because to eliminate inbreeding depression. This is correct, but sometimes inbreeding could helps us in building genetically better next generation. Inbreeding (mating of related parents) strengthens desirable trait, but undesirable traits too. Inbreeding is the  bigger problem if we have lower quality animals. Inbreeding is a good tool for exclusion of undesirable genotypes. After inbreeding we have to do strong selection of animals who are results of this type breeding. We will receive some waste animals who will not be usefull for breeding, but we can receive some extremely good individuals too. Animals who despite that will be born after inbreeding  will have good performance, are really genuine individuals. Their quality is confirmed by their level of performance together with higher degree of homozygosity. Progeny of this kind of animals is super, because of top cross effect. As we can see inbreeding could help us, but it is similar like fire. It can by good servant, but vicious lord. We can recommend working with inbreeding only for well informed breeders with high degree of breeding discipline and 100% knowledges of pedigrees.