Romanov sheep – standard

Head : medium size , a bit convex profile, upright ears, moving, big and konvex eyes, without horns

Neck : sufficiently muscled, medium length

Withers : relatively broad, not sharp at the withers rams dark saddle / like mane /

Back : straight, strong, slightly sloping rump

Chest : deep and with enough of width

Mane : dominant trait for rams at the bottom of the neck, in ewes undesirable

Feet and legs : hard, medium length, straight, regular position, deviations from regular
position undesirable, pasterns firm

Wool : dense enough, balanced with a good belly coverage, undercoat longer than hairs must form the main desktop fleece a typical medium-sized roll 6-12 mm, ratio of hair of the undercoat 1:4 – 1:10, hairs are black, undercoat creamy white , Fleece interior color is steel gray

Total : correct body building – the formation of a compact body frame